Douglas Reid - Artist Profile

As well as or perhaps even beyond a desire to chronicle things I have seen, thought or experienced I simply love the act of painting and drawing while also reveling in the escapism and subconscious concentration it often requires. The majority of my paintings have been landscapes which combines my enthusiasm for artistic endeavor with my love of the great outdoors however I will draw or paint anything that sparks my interest and regardless of the subject matter my aim is always to create works that are evocative, enjoyable and immersive.

I opened my own gallery in downtown New Plymouth in 2012 and enjoy showcasing not only my own work but also other artists of many mediums and disciplines. The journey from a crayon wielding six year old to an award winning fulltime artist has been a challenging but exciting one and I hope to continue to evolve.

You can visit me in my gallery at 33a Devon Street New Plymouth from 10am - 4pm weekdays and 10am - 3pm Saturdays.