Douglas Reid - Artist Profile

As a child I apparently claimed I wanted to be an artist and live in the bush, years went by and like many people I didnt see art as a realistically feasible career choice so continued to draw and paint just for my own enjoyment. I didnt create as much art through my late teens and early twenties as I was busy living and working regular jobs including a mildly creative stint designing packaging for a large national art company.

Later I started painting in the evenings and was surprised when they started to sell fairly consistently.

With no dependents and a job I strongly disliked the decision to go full time wasn't difficult and certainly not one Ive regretted.

I quit my job in 2006 and now genuinely enjoy what I do, I've been running my own gallery in downtown New Plymouth since 2012 and also see the internet as a very useful tool linking artist and buyer directly anywhere in the world. As far as my work goes I simply love the act of putting brush to canvas regardless of the subject matter, I paint mainly landscapes but will paint anything that sparks my interest whether person, place, object or idea.

I enjoy the freedom to make my own schedule and travel as required while still being a firm believer in the benefits of working hard to improve.